Thursday, February 09, 2006

So I Am A Bitch....It Is MY Blog, Isn't It?

Ok, I am sorry. I guess I have just had enough of the bullsh*t. I am sure more than one person can relate to what I am gonna say and, probably more than one person will say "why does she let it bother her?" So here goes.

I have a cousin. I won't put her name up here but all my family knows who I am talking about. Hell, she might even visit this blog. I mean there is a link from our family website to this one, right here. Anywho, this cousin is a flake and it really pisses me off. I mean, ok, here: We all hate family obligations sometimes. But that is what they are. OBLIGATIONS. This one gets out of them everyt time it seems. In the last three years she has made it to our families' Xmas once. Yes, once. We have had family Xmas the Sunday before Xmas for years now so everyone can make it. You know when it is coming an entire year in advance. If you have a calendar you can look at it. The Sunday before Christmas. It isn't hard. For Xmas of 2003, she said she had Traffic School. Traffic School people!What traffic school is held on a Sunday? Before Xmas? When my aunt and I asked her daughter where she was, the reply was, "my mom cut her finger and couldn't come." Do you smell the bullsh*t? I sure do; and it gets better. Here is a list of her most recent excuses, in her own words taken from the family website we have. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

This post was regarding the Thanksgiving and Xmas holidays this year:

Felicia Barcia - Nov 7, 2005 Edit | Delete | Viewers | Reply to this item
"Happy holidays to everyone so glad to hear Uncle Ryan coming home what a great present for us all. Kaylie (her daughter) spends Thanksgiving every year for the past 6 years with Jon's family. And as for Bill and I we will not be attending and of the Holidays this year. On Nov 18th I will be having Surgery on my foot I will be off work for a few months. But the doctor said for the first 6 weeks I have to stay off of my foot and no driving. Grandma and Grandpa already know because Kaylie and I went out to see them and take there Birthday cards to them. Bill is having his Mom, brother and stepdad here at our house for Thanksgiving and is making the whole dinner. As far as I know My dad and Jan will have Kaylie for Christmas I haven't talked to them in awhile. I wish everyone well and to have a great Thanksgiving please give Uncle Ryan a great big hug for me.Happy Holidays to all. P.S, Bill and I went out to see my mom in South Dakota and we had a layover in Denver while we were sitting there Bill noticed this women walking by it was mimi from the Drew Carey show if any watches that. And then all of a sudden we look up and it was Drew Carey walking by so I got to shake his hand and meet him he was real nice I thought it was kinda cool so I thought I'd share that with all of you love you all"

(OK, I understand her not coming to thanksgiving. But Xmas? a month later? She had a bunion shaved down for goodness sakes. Oh and By the way, that uncle she is talking about just came back from a tour in Iraq, but no problem. And I am so glad she could share with us that tidbit about Drew Carey.)

This post was regarding an invitation to our other cousins 13th birthday:

Felicia Barcia- Jan 11, 2006 Edit | Delete | Viewers | Reply to this item
"Well I wish Lynnie a Happy birthday but I am still on crutches and Kaylie (her daughters') Best friends B-day is on the 19th so Kaylie will be going with her and her parents up to there cabin in Twain Hart and going skiing so Lynnie I hope you have a nice B-day."

(Gee, big surprise there. Oh, and still milking the MINOR surgery angle.)

And finally, regarding my baby shower:

Felicia Barcia - Feb 7, 2006 Edit | Delete | Viewers | Reply to this item
"Cassie sorry I will not be able to make the shower we have already had plans for that weekend. Good luck with the baby"

So there you have it. I am not necessarily mad that she can't come to my shower although she used almost the same exact excuse last time I had a baby shower, and didn't bother to RSVP or wish my son Happy birthday, it just really rubs me wrong. This is just a sampling. She has only had a computer for like a year and a half.
We have had the website for like, 4 years. Ok, I dunno, what my point is. I am sure if I babble here a little more I might find one though. One time when she cancelled on Xmas The night before mind you, ( I think she just doesn't want to spend the money on gifts) I let her have it. I spoke for no one but myself. Well, she got on the horn and had people so pissed that a couple set of Aunts and Uncles weren't going to come. These people talk a gangload of sh*t about her too, but when it comes right down too it, say nothing. So I have learned to keep my mouth shut. Ok, so this isn't exactly keeping my mouth shut, anyone who doesn't like it can just suck it, and quit reading, cuz this is my blog, Y'all.
Whew, I think I feel better now.
Crisis averted.

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