Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Rebuttal To My Previous Post....

My cousin read my blog and had this rebuttal. I thought I would post it in the interest of fairness.

"Yes Cassie for your info I do read your blog and if that is how you feel about me well no sweat off my brow. And also for your info I did not have a bunion I had a bone spur so get your facts correct .And since were being so blunt I don't call your kid for his birthday well I have a kid too, goes both ways. And as far as all the Holidays go those were things that did come up and what is it to you anyways Our so called Family Christmas isn't Christmas it's all about who brings the good gifts. Lets get real about what a family Chritsmas means, to me it means getting together having a dinner and just enjoying each other. But with our family it just isn't that way. And I know for a fact that all of you talk about me and My Dad I've known that for years but I just go and play the game you all do, be nice to there face, talk about them when they leave. It's been this way in our family all of my life and let's be honest with each other you and I have never seen eye to eye. I don't really care what any of you think about me because I will live my life anyway I want. And if I don't want to attend a Family function ,well that is my right. Well like you quoted in your long ass letter about me I feel so much better to get this off my chest"

*****Cass here, wanting to add that I have never talked trash on Alicias dad. The man has a good heart, and can fight his own battles. I am hoping anyone who reads this, that is in my family, will allow Alicia and I to have our own differences and not jump in. Thanks.*****

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