Monday, February 06, 2006

Sick, and stuff

Ok, before I forget, that girl "Sandy" the tweaker at my job finally got fired. Woo Hoo, there is justice in the world.

And now on the homefront....My son woke up last Thursday night with croup. That is scary if you have never experienced it before. I had to have Grampa (a respiratory therapist)come over and check him out at 1 in the morning. Thank goodness for that. Turns out a really good thing for croup is cool air. So we bundled the boy up in his jacket and walked down the street and back (to my dads, actually. He lives down the street.) It worked pretty good. Unfortunately, now he is just plain sick. Like most men when they get sick, he is miserable and pathetic, and nothing makes him happy. I just want to hold him and rock him, and let him use me as his own personal Kleenex. Not that I have a choice in this. The boy will actually sneeze, cough then come up to you to be held and run his face back and forth on your shirt to rid his face of snot. Another favorite place for him to dispose of the snot is on the back of his hands. So I am wiping his hands and his nose. (when he isn't wiping them on me.) And all that isn't the kicker. Now my nose is running copiously and I too, am sneezing. I wonder how Ayman would feel if I wiped my nose on him for a change? Maybe we will find out tomorrow. Things do get boring around here. So, that is it, I guess. I have some days of this illness to look forward to, (and if I sneeze and cough enough, I will be bustin' out the adult incontinence supplies again.) I think I gave it to my mom too. The crappyness of it is Ayman gave it all to us. I think he got it from the mall playgrounds, we take him to two different ones and he loves it, but you know there is a ton of germs in those places. I call it the Petri Dish. What can you do though? If he was in daycare it would be way worse. I can't exactly bubble-wrap him.

Oh well, adult diapers and oj it is for me, c'mon weekend, when I can allow myself to really be sick.

Ok, it's NiNi time over here y'all so, Peace out.

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