Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Art Appreciation

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Yesterday, Ayman was laid down for his nap at about 3 pm. I tried to put him down later because for the last week he has been playing in his crib, talking to himself, banging on the wall, and basically doing everything but sleeping. Then I will usually check on him an hour after I put him down and walk into a wall of stink when I open the door. For some reason he enjoys taking a dump about an hour after I lay him down. So today, laid him down a little earlier thinking maybe he is just too tired when I put him down. Same exact thing. an hour after I put him down, I walk into turd town. My husbands theory is that while he is playing he doesn't want to poop, so he waits until he has the time, while he is cooped up in the crib. I really don't know what to think. I am trying not to think that perhaps he doesn't want to take th e nap anymore, which could be the case. But you know, naptime is also mommy time so he is gonna have to chill in there for a couple of hours. I don't care what he is doing as long as it is in his crib and semi quietly. I hate to think of him without an afternoon nap with the new baby on the way. *shudder*
So back to the story, when he wouldn't take his nap yesterday, I decided he would do something constructive when he woke up. I taped some paper to the table and gave him all the crayons I could find and one ink pen. Guess what was his favorite? Can you tell from his face? The ink pen. He has an aqua doodle that has a harmless water pen to draw with and he is always applying that like lipstick to himself whenever he picks it up. Well, he did the same with the ink pen, not so harmless. I was cracking up so hard that it encouraged him to do it more, and this is what I got. But I do think he had fun with art time.

Dammit, there is another mouse in my kitchen. In the last week I have killed 2 mice in the kitchen and I believe there is another. Oh well, I know what gets them now....Peanut butter and rice krispies. MMMMM mousie death.

Well that is all. Miss Lori- if you are reading- they had that woman who dressed as a man for the year on CNN today.... I couldn't watch it, it would get me all fired up. She sure was manish enough though.

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