Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's About Time

Yesterday it was back to the OB doc to check on this baby. Two weeks ago it was in the breech position, so they were keeping an eye on me. Anyhoo, the good news is the baby is back in a normal head down position. I was 30 weeks and 4 days yesterday, and guess what? We finally got to see the sex! WOO HOO! I am having a girl! a girl a girl a girl a girl a girl a girl a girl a girl bil arabi, Bint! Finally after god knows how many ultrasounds and that little critter crossing her legs or giving us her back, yesterday, we got a good look, and it is indeed a little girl (or we can just say girl, because if she is like Ayman she will come out the size of a three month baby, not little at all.)
As you can see I am totally excited about this.

Ok, Crap. I mean that literally. Ayman is walking around here totally stinking up the place so I guess that is my cue to sign off, but I just wanted to share this awesome news.

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