Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Um, What Are You Doing?

After Aymans bath, when he was dressed and all cute a good smelling, he went to the back of the house to play around Amr. About five minutes later, Amr is asking me: "Do you need these? Because the baby is playing with them." I hoisted my girth off of the couch and went back to see what he was talking about and found this scene greeting me:

 Posted by Picasa OK, this is a Kodak Moment.
I would like to also add that while we were getting ready to get in the shower he was standing next to the toilet, grabbing the seat with both hands, and pretending to spit in to it, and wiping his mouth. Then he would make hawking sounds like he was coming up with a loogie. All this from watching me get sick! He is such a little mimic. On Friday, I got sick while I was getting ready for work, and he was right there along side of me, spitting in the toilet too.
I guess a family that pukes together stays together.... That is what they say isn't it?

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