Sunday, October 09, 2005

Quality Grampa Time and 22 Months.

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On Friday at around 11 am my dad called and asked "Can Ayman come out and play?"
He wanted to take the boy for a while. Me having to work that night, and always down for a break, gave a resounding "YES." So my dad came and got him. They were gone for three and a half hours. When they got back at around 2:30ish, I was surprised by many things. First, he took him over to Wal-Mart and got him a new outfit, including shoes. No small feat. (hahaha) Then he took him over to the photographer, and had his picture taken, in the aforementioned new outfit. I don't have a scanner to show you the pictures, but let's just say that my baby boy looks like a big boy. I can't believe it. My husband saw the pictures and said, "What is he like, 10 years old now?"

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After the pictures were taken, They went to have a wonderfully-delicious-and-so-good for-you meal at Carl's Jr. (Hardees to you all in the east) Ayman got a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory trick or treat bucket. Then they came back home. All this was done, might I add, with Petie the Westie traveling with them, in his doggie carseat, which was right next to Aymans baby carseat. If the baby carseat is in the car, but no doggie seat, Petie will sit in the baby seat. Even if there is a baby in it. He is good like that.

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So, when they came home my dad had him in this outfit, which is just a modification of what he took the pictures in. I love it when little kids wear overalls with no shirt underneath. It is so cute. I actually have some pictures of my brother Alex and I in Oshkosh biballs taken by my uncle Jim When we were like 5 and 2 ( I am the oldest.) So I couldn't help myself, I got all snappy with the camera. But hey, what are they for anyway?

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Then as I was making this post, I looked at the date. It is time for Aymans 22 Month post.
So lets talk about what you have been doing this month, shall we? Well, for starters, it is your second Ramadan. When Daddy goes to the mosque in the evenings, when Momma is at work, you go with him. Unfortunately, he cannot stay for the Taraweeah. You have become very comfortable in the mosque so you will be "making all kinds of noisy" as daddy puts it, and doing things you should not, like playing with the water dispenser. For a couple of trips Daddy brought little animals for you to play with, (thanks gramma) but that only holds you over for a couple of the prayers raka now. You are making a lot more noises now, all kinds of different sounds. Maybe talking is just around the corner for you pipsqueek. And finally your most irritating, yet funny, (sometimes) action this month is.....(hold for fanfare) Throwing things in toilets. If mommy or daddy leave their bathroom door open you will chuck anything you can get your hands on into the toilet. You and daddy went to the bay area to visit this weekend, and he told me that not once but twice you went into Tanta Hagas bathroom, and threw all the stuff in the toilet. The second time you did it daddy himself had to take everything out of it and wash it off. Today though, when daddy went to get some gas, and I was making this post, you decided to go chuck some stuff in our toilet. Again. Today, it was an entire roll of toilet paper, one of my scrunchies and a little box. Too much fun.
Well I suppose that is it for now, this is a really long post, all for you.
Mommy and Daddy love you, Baby.

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