Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Moods of CPK

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I think maybe we eat at the California Pizza Kitchen too much. A couple of times ago when we went, Ayman and I walked in so I could order carry out. The hostess said to us, "Well, we haven't seen you two in a while!" Then the boy marched right past her and on to the carry out counter. He was very focused that day. On this day however, Ayman , my mom, and I were dining out on the patio. It was a very nice day not too hot or anything. I brought my camera and snapped some pictures. It was funny because my mom had her camera too, and at one point were both taking pictures of the boy. People must have thought we were total idiots. And hey, I admit it, I am. I have like 1000 pictures of this kid on my hardrive, and guess what? I am pregnant again, and ready to take more pictures, because the camera my dad gave me kicks ass!

Moving On....

And now a pause for a Tweeker Update. "Sandy" still has not reported to work. The LOA has been extended to the 10th of October, which will be Monday or Tuesday or something like that. I don't care enough to look at the calendar. I also found out that she is actually on a LOA because she got in a car accident, and supposedly (supposebly, for you mom.) got a hairline fracture in her hip. I guess that makes her lucky, she is getting that sweet disability pay so we know she is going to milk it, and when she does come back to work she is good to go for at least a couple of nights of "I have to go home, my hip hurts" (right before morning rounds, mind you) and of course, the soon-to-be popular: "I cant come in tonight my hip hurts" I wonder if they still sent her to counselling for her behavior like they were supposed to before this crap went down. And, for those of you who work with me you know what I am talking about, but for those of you who don't I am sure it seems like I am being a petty bitch. So be it. Work with this woman, walk the mile, and you too, will see.
It is all too convenient.

Well that is it for now-Take it easy folks.

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