Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bah Humbug

I know I stated before that the holidays are not the best time for me blogging wise. But, now, I feel guilty because I have been lagging. So I give to you the month in pictures.

BTW- for those of you who give a ratsa** about my "Sandy" situations I have been quiet too long. She came back like six weeks ago and has called in sick several times since then, always with her weekends. She has resumed an annoying habit of singing Xmas carols in the halls of the hospital and while drawing patients and, surprise, surpass is still tweeking her ass off. She got some pictures taken of herself (we have since found that she is writing to prisoners in the jail, so she probably got them done for that reason...Way to go married mother of two-) that are practically porn, she is actually straddling a chair in one- and put them in a xmas card she handed out to all the departments. I found out yesterday she has been put on leave of absence for this week. I don't know why but I did hear a rumor that someone slipped one of these xmas cards under the door to the bosses office. LOVELY.

Anywho, that is about it. I am fat, pregnant and not with out heartburn but other wise a ok. hope you all are too.

Oh and have i mentioned that three weeks ago today some bastards stole my 15 year old honda accord? Jerks. Just thought i would throw that out there. Merry Freakin' Christmas.

Ayman At CPK for his birthday dinner, with cars from Uncle Alex and Aunt Renee. Posted by Picasa December 9th, 2005

Uncle Alex and Auntie Renee Posted by Picasa

MMMMMM birthday brownie Posted by Picasa December 9th, 2005

The boy loves chocolate, wonder where he gets that? Posted by Picasa December 9th, 2005

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