Saturday, May 15, 2010

Backyard Sprinkler Fun

Interview with Ayman

Interview with Jennah

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Jennah gets a big kid bike.

So when Ayman was learning to ride a bike, the kid next door, Nicholas and his mom Deb were watching. She was telling me about how she couldn't get Nicholas to ride without training wheels. (that is his bike in the foreground) She said she had a bike the perfect size for Jennah, that her son had grown out of. SCORE! So without any further adieu, Jennah and her debut on a bike with two wheels. (and two training wheels.) Yay, Jennah!

Ayman Rides a bike!

ok, so today I started getting Ayman thinking of learning to ride his bike. I talked to my hairdresser about it (thanks Rim!) and she said the best advice she got was to look in the distance when pedaling. I took Ayman's training wheels off, steadied him and ran behind him. I told him if he felt like crashing, to do it on the grass. Well, as you can see, he was successful! Way to go big boy! Mommy loves you so much!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Cupcakes- Ms. Sonia's Mary Kay party.

I did some more cupcakes, this time for Miss Sonia's Mary Kay launch party. i accented them with sweet peas, lavender and sword fern from my parents yard. The cupcakes themselves are again Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting (a very popular cupcake.) they turned out nice, and I got a lot of compliments. I think though, it is about time i get some cards printed up.