Thursday, May 10, 2007

alright, I just don't know what to expect from myself.

Soooooo, we had our final in A&P on Wednesday, as I mentioned before. I really didn't feel too great about my performance on the test. It was 250 regular questions, 30 extra credit questions, and the whole shabang was worth 283, I dont know where the extra three points came from, but that is what the teacher told us today. I usually mark the questions down that I had to guess, or that I wasn't too sure about. I counted 30 marks on the paper, and changed like five of my answers.
Out of a possible 283 points, I got.... 283 points.
I finished my first class with a 98.8%
I can't stop smiling to myself.
Now, I just have to get thru the math portion. I suck at math, and I think math sucks. So, there ya go.
Sorry my posts have really been crappy, I am surprised I can even find the time to make posts at all. I probably wouldn't but, Ilhamdulillah, I quit that horrible job.

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