Monday, February 11, 2008


Jennah is a drama queen. I believe I have said this before. Here are some good examples.
When I left with my mom to go to the spa on saturday morning, she was standing on the driveway with Amr, pointing at my mom and I in mom's car, crying. Then she threw herself on the ground, (so carefully.) She was on her side, with her upper body propped up, like she should be laying a cross a piano in a cabaret. She hung her head and cried. It was pathetic and hilarious at the same time. I am sure I will be going to hell for laughing at her.
Then, later that day when I came home, I noticed that Jennah was acting like a puppy, (which is pretty normal for her) but with the added twist of biting things. I was talking to her father and she came up to me and out of nowhere bit my thumb, Hard. So, I slapped her hand. I told her: "No biting Mommy! No biting anyone!" She totally lost it. She was bawling. I held her on my lap. She squirmed and cried "Le-et meeee dooooowwwn", "No, sweetie, say sorry mommy." she wouldnt. "Say sorry Mommy, and I will let you down." Still no go. "SAY sorry mommy." Finally, finally, finally, she says "Soorr-eeee Maaaaahhh-meee" through a red face, covered with tears and snot. I gave her a kiss, and said thank you, cleaned the tears and snot with a kleenex. I then set her down on the floor- where she promptly ran over to and dove onto her fathers lap, looking at me as if I were the devil.
A couple of weeks ago, Jennah was crying after her bath. She was crying for no reason other than she hates to get out of the tub. It doesnt matter how long she stays in. She was crying and Ayman says: "Jennah, stop being a drama queen!"
Stop being a drama queen- Stop being a drama queen , indeed.

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