Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ouch, i went bananas

So, my father and I took the kids to a place in Lathrop called "Go Bananas" basically, it is a large warehouse in an industrial park, that has several inflatable bounce house things in it. It was pretty cool. Ayman and Jennah were loving it. Unfortunately, Jennahs favorite thing was this really high slide. She is a short little thing, so it took her a long time to make it up the steps to the top. Towards the end of the visit, she wouldn't walk up at all, but really wanted to go up. So, that left good ole Mom, what can I say? I am a pushover. I put Jennah in a firemans carry, and climbed her right up to the top. She loved it. Which made it necessary for me to do it like, fifty more times. Needless to say, my legs are killing me and I actually busted a sweat. The kids tore it up. I think it would be fun to go again sometime. I will have to take Amr, because he is way more into the physical activity than me.
In a completely unrelated note, I have seen my husband for like, one hour total all week. That is weird. He comes home, I go to school. I come home from school, he is in bed. He goes to work, I am in bed. WTF? Not only that but I have no energy. I was reading a friends blog and he was saying how he wished he had 1/3 of the energy he used to have. I am agreeing with that. I wish I did too. I just wanna sleep all the time when I have the chance. But I feel restless. Like, I want to do something, I almost need to do something. Like, ants in your pants, you know?
Whatever, maybe I am experiencing once of several self predicted mid-lifes.
I am gonna roll with it and see what happens. Perhaps the crisis won't include flunking out of mechanical ventitlation (ok, i see that that is a typo, but i like it so it stays). We'll see.

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