Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This girl cannot be trusted.

So what happens when you don't hear or see Jennah for about 5 minutes? She climbs up on to the kitchen counter and helps herself to dry chocolate milk mix. I picked up the camera, to take this picture and what did she say? "CHEESE Mommy!"

Not to be outdone, Ayman also had to say cheese. I think this is one of the cuter pictures of him I have taken lately. Did I mention that he was in the hospital for 4 days in the beginning of June? He had a raging case of viral tonsilitis, that got out of control before we knew it was really happening. He got admitted on a Tuesday, and discharged on Friday afternoon. Jennah stayed with my mom and Gene, where my mother totally spoiled her. Apparently, Jennah has a flair for retail therapy. Mom got her a purse, sunglasses, a skort, mary janes, and Jen picked out a pair of tie-dyed yoga pants from Dillards all by herself. Mom said she carried them all around the store.
Here is something cute. While Ayman was in the hospital, he missed his sister so much that he had a toy phone that he used to call her on. One night we called Jennah (for real) and she was in the bathub, it went a little like this:

Ayman: Hi Jennah, what are you doing?
Jennah: I taking a bath!
A: Your taking a bath?
J: Yeeeeah!
A: Okay, I love you
J: Love you Ayman!

It was too cute. Mom said that Jennah laid on the floor on her back and said "I want to go home." Ayman was doing the same in the hospital. The weird thing is, now that we are out of the hospital and at home, Ayman is different. Not in a bad way. He is actually happier, more outgoing, and very loving to his little sis. It is cute, when he comes home from school the first thing he does is give her a hug and kiss. It is a nice change. It makes me wonder how long he had been sick. Right now, we are trying to get rid of that last pull-up diaper he wears overnight.
I will keep you updated on how that potty training is going. Jennah pees and poops on the potty, and will be going into pull-ups in a couple of days. I am so looking forward to diaper-free days again.

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