Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This is just silly.

I woke up angry at Amr this moring at 4 am, because I had a dream he was lining up another wife, right in front of me. In the dream he was talking on the phone, to my friend Diane from my old job. He was talking to her about her daughter, and would not get off the phone to say goodbye to me. I was leaving our house (not our house, you know how dreams go like that.) He was on the phone, I asked him to get off the phone, and he shook his head no and gave me the Egyptian hand gesture for "wait" (which is to pinch your four fingers and thumb together, to where they point to the sky, and shake it a couple times) I asked him, "Are you talking to a woman?" He straight just said "Yes." I asked him who, he looked at me, all indignant, and said "Diane" I whipped out my phone and tried to call her, (as she is on my contacts list) however, I could not key her name in.(you know like when you try to scream, nothing comes out, run and it is like you are underwater?) It was a dream I made myself wake up from, because i was getting PISSED. Here I am at 0440 feeling hostile inside for something that never happened.
Hmmph. Who knew?

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