Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Yay me!

So I finished respiratory school.
Can I just take this time to tell you, to run screaming in the other direction away from Kaplan/Maric College? I don't have the time to elaborate now, (rest assured I will in the future!)
So, lots of things have happened sinceI last posted,I will try to recap it now.
Ummmmm....lemme see. (*deep breath*)
I turned thirty*ahem* on the 15th of November. As an added bonus, on my birthday, my Mom and Dad had a ninja wedding under the guise of having my brother and I over for cake and ice cream. For those of you unaware, after 34 years of marriage, my parents divorced for 4 years ago. So my parents are married again, and I am no longer a bastard. Ayman turned 5 on December 9th, what a big boy he is these days. I have pictures from their Egypt trip, but have not posted them here yet, sorry. On December 13th I officially graduated from Respiratory school. Yay for me. Now, I need to take my entry level exam so I can get a job. Then it is two more tests and awwwwww yeah, RRT. After Xmas, the kids and I said bye to Amr and went down south to my Uncle Butch and Aunt Cathy's house in Rancho Cucamonga, which was just beautiful. Everything. The home, (or villa if you will) and the weather. Got to see Daphne (or Daph-me as Jennah calls her) PB and Ayman were BFF's, and fun was had by all. Now, I have submitted my application (just today) to the Respiratory Care Board here in California and am waiting for the confirmation and eligibility to take above mentioned exams. So, once again, posting will suck, but never fear, when I am done with all of this crap, I will pick up the blogging again. ISA

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