Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Up Late With Netflix

Yeah I went ahead and did it. Netflix subscription. Last night I watched a documentary called The Union: The Business of Getting High(it was about the British Columbia pot trade and misinformation about mary jane) Tonight it was Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past- not the greatest movie, but entertaining. Whoa I am having a de ja vĂș. I think when I first started this blog I had a Blockbuster membership. We lived in our ghetto apartment, with no cable. Whew, I digressed a little there.. Saturday I watched The Invention of Lying, which might I add, I really enjoyed. Sunday I attempted to watch New York, I love You- despite of the nice scenes with Bradley Cooper in them, that movie sucked sack- couldn't finish it. Thank goodness it was in the instant queue because lemme tell ya, I would have been totally heated if I had that one sent to me. Sunshine Cleaning- Billed as a comedy, So. Totally. Not. A. Comedy. Even thought it wasn't a comedy I still liked it. So what is on tap for the future? Well, I have Funny People on the way, which my brother assures me is a whimsical romp, and Star Trek. In my instant queue I have Donnie Darko and Interview with a Vampire. Like I havent seen that one a million times. Oh well. So that is it. I cannot update you on my licensing, as I do not have it yet, but rest assured, I will fill you all in (maybe) when I get it.
Now here is something. People who know me know I love me some Lady Gaga. This kid is seven years old. his name is Timmy DeMott. He kicks ass. His mom taped him singing Bad Romance (acapella, and man can that boy snap!) The first time I saw the video the kid had 3k hits. Now he has 953,035. Seriously. If you watch it keep in mind the boy is 7, and posted this himself, and no, I don't want to hear anything snarky about him. He is fabulous.
Tomorrow I am getting a pedicure- probably the only one I will get for the remainder of the year, so I hope Ann drags that sucker out. I am looking forward to being down a shoe size after she uses the illegal foot shaver. Yay me!
That is all. Thanks for joining me in a little pointless babble.

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