Friday, August 10, 2012

Pirate Cookie Collection

 I made a pirate cookie collection for a three year old's  birthday party. The collection included pieces of eight, pirate ships, pirates, swords (or cutlasses?idk.) Treasure maps, and personalized scrolls. Here is a picture of all of them:

Below is a closer view of the scroll banner cookies.  I painted them with food coloring "paint" The pirate cutlass came from a palm tree cookie cutter because I was not able to find a cutlass cutter.  Improvisation!

This one is my favorite.  I used the "F" cutter, (the boy's name is Frankie) and flooded the cookies with an almost flesh toned frosting, then painted it to look like a treasure map, finishing it with a red royal icing "x" to mark the spot. I had no idea what that was going to look like when i started it and it just turned into a totally happy accident.

On the right, is what I am calling a pirate ship.  All I could find was a sailboat cutter so I used that and made some alterations to it to make it work.  I used little round cutters to make the pieces of eight, making several different ones.  Finally, there is this little pirate.  I got this cookie idea straight from The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle, who is my cookie idol.

If you click on the first picture, you can kind of see the different patterns i made for the pieces of eight.  all I really did for that was look at different fonts and pirate themed stuff on the internets to get my ideas.  Thanks for stopping by to look at my stuff!

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