Monday, November 03, 2008

Yeah, Yeah.

Okay, i am horrible at blogging now. So sue me. Lets just hit the highlights shall we?
I am about to start my fourth clinical rotation at a hospital not far away. i worked there last time, and loved it. I finish school on December 16th, no telling when the graduation ceremony is.

This past weekend, Amr and the kids returned from their five week trip to Egypt. my children now speak arabic. They speak it to Daddy, they speak it to each other, and sometimes to me. Note to self: Learn Arabic so my children cant talk smack about me in front of my face. I was very happy to see everyone and am glad they returned home safely. That being said, for the last five weeks i did nothing but:
sleep some more.
Sleep with the "sleep" function on my tv (in other words fall asleep with the tv on can only do that when i am alone- Amr cant sleep with the tv on.)
watch tv shows with questionable sexual content (Mad Men, True Blood)
Read 8 books, (Southern Vampire series, Charlaine Harris, did i mention I am hooked on Sookie Stackhouse?)
and go to school (I got a B in Neonatal class, and my NRP)

My mother decorated my house; for one entire week, I ate only hotdogs. (too lazy to go get food, too lazy to cook food.) In fact, i was so lazy, i lost 3 pounds because i just didnt want to make or get anything to eat. I would drink a lot of water and go to sleep. So i got that going for me, which is nice.

So now everyone is home, and we are doing stuff, Ayman spiked a temp tonight, of 103.5. Greeeeeeaaaaaaaaat. I hate that crap.. we will go to the doctor tomorrow. Jennahs allergies are acting up, and the weather is crap right now. I need to go to get my ID for clinical, the kids have dentists appointments, and i brainfarted jury duty last week, so I have to report on jan 5th instead. Woo Hoo. Someday my life will be less frantic where my family is concerned, but i don't really expect that anytime soon. I guess it all goes with the territory.

Oh hey btw- Don't forget to vote tomorrow.

UPDATE: Ayman has tonsilitis again, and the doctor tested him for....wait for it....Malaria.
super sweet
Updated update (03/26/10) it wasn't malaria.

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