Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cass and Daph go to The Soup

Photo time! This was done at turbo speed, apparently Mr. McHale needed to get back to the set of Community right away....It took literally 2 seconds, Daph has mad IPhone skillz.

This is before the show taped, We are in the front row, and if you click on it you can see Joel McHale and Guiliana Rancipandi on their phones.. I was soooo excited, *squee*!

So this past January 29th, the family left for a nearly five week trip to visit Amr's family in Egypt. When they were gone, I got to pop on down to Los Angeles (plane ticket and good times compliments of longtime BFF Daphne.) Daphne wanted to know what I wanted to do when visiting. I immediately answered "I would love to see a taping of The Soup." I have loved this show in several incarnations. I first fell in love with it in the heyday of the Talk Show, the late 90's. Back then, they called it Talk Soup, aired every day, and an hour show on Friday. Then , it was hosted by the awesome John Henson. (skunkboy!) Yes, Greg Kinnear hosted it before that, but I didn't watch it then, and I don't pretend like I did. After Skunkboy left, there was Hal Sparks, but I always thought that they should have hired fill in host Roger Lodge of Blind Date fame. Both were funny though. Aisha Tyler hosted it for a minute, then I kind of lost track. In 2005 I posted this with a tiny blurb about John Henson and the new incarnation of Talk Soup, The Soup, with host Joel McHale. When I wrote the post in 2005, I had never watched the new version of the show. I don't really know when I did start watching it, but the important thing is I did. It is still a great show, and Joel McHale is HILARIOUS. I knew Daphne had gone to a taping before and one of her co-workers had a hook up over at E! so it was on.
When we arrived at the E! Building on Wilshire in LA, we met Daph's co-worker Kate. Shortly after, someone from E! came out get us for the taping. We walked in and were met by Joel himself which was OMFG so cool. He insulted us a bit, and then we were taken to the green room to wait before the taping. While we were waiting Joel came back to the greenroom and chatted Daph, Kate, and I up for a few minutes before he had to go to wardrobe. We were also introduced to Mankini at that time. Very nice. Once finished with wardrobe, Mr. McHale came back to the green room to escort Daphne, Kate and I to our reserved front row seats for the taping. The taping went very smoothly, and Joel McHale was hilarious. I had a great night. More than I expected by far.
So, thank you, Daphne, and Kate for making my year. This is right up there with the news of how I am going to get my license in May (ISA). I will not blog about that until it is a done deal though, so stay tuned.

UPDATE: I got my license on June 21st.

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