Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Eid, baby advice, and John Henson not in that particular order.

Daddy and That Baby. Posted by Hello
okay, I am making this post in the notepad right now because Blogger is messed up and I can't even log into it right now. I have also had a ton of problems with my ISP. I can't wait to get broadband. And an apartment with two bathrooms. The only time I really think of it is when my husband is in the bathroom and I am having a bowel crisis.

Speaking of my husband, I have an adorable picture of him and that baby from last night that I really want to post, but of course, Blogger is down. Okay, I posted the picture. By the time I get this posted it is all going to be together. But at least now I can ping Blog rolling, which I forgot to do yesterday when I wrote a much longer post. (rereading this post they may be about the same size. I am long winded)

Today I am fasting, because tomorrow is the Islamic holiday of Eid (Kol senna winta tayeb). I need to go to wal-mart today. I will take that baby and we will pop in on Gramma at Wally World. I am going to make shawerma tonight, but it never turns out as good as the ones from Truly Mediterranean In San Francisco. I love that shawerma.
If you are wondering what a shawerma is, it is a middle eastern burrito, basically. Lamb or beef, wrapped in lavosh bread with a tahina sauce and some butt burner red sauce, with parsley, potato (in my case because I don't like the tomato) it is sooooo yummy, it is a little bit of heaven wrapped up in the yummy goodness of fresh lavosh bread with the delight of tahina thrown in for good measure. MMMMM food. I can tell I am fasting today, I am like plexing on the food I can't eat.

moving On.

That reminds me (the 'Moving On' part) Do you guys remember the show Talk Soup? It was on the E channel. I loved that show when John Henson was hosting it. He was hilarious. I was always hoping he would move on to bigger things, ala Greg Kinnear when he left the show, but he didn't really. I saw he had his own show on Spike TV, but I don't even think there is that anymore, and well, Talk Soup wasn't the same after he left, so much so, that I think it went away for a while and then came back as a show called 'The Soup' with this other dude hosting. It is still a funny show, I just miss the Skunk Boy is all. He was funny. And, apparently I am a geek because I just Went on about John Henson for a paragraph. I was bummed out recently that he is now hosting during the 8 o'clock hour on the TV Guide Channel. Is that TV purgatory? What is Skunk Boy doing there? He is way to good (and funny ) for that. Oh well what can you do? GET A BETTER AGENT JOHN HENSON! Enough of that.

Moving on. (again)

In the baby department I have some advice.... Many of you will not need it. I feel the need to post it so all of you can learn from my mistakes. If you have to go out of town to go shopping, make sure you have stuck to your baby sleeping schedule, OR ELSE. Else what you ask? ( or may not have too....) Well, I will tell you. Let your son sleep until say 1245, and then wake him up, feed him and run to Sacramento-- Fine. Don't lay him down for 3 o'clock nap? Not wise. I thought he was good on sleep yesterday. I was so wrong. He was very tired and cranky. I gave him a bath and laid him down forty minutes earlier than usual. Then he proceeded to wake up every hour and a half ....ALL NIGHT LONG. So there you have it folks, heed my cautionary tale. Don't deprive your baby terrorris- I mean angel of his naps or suffer the consequences.

Well that oughta do 'er for now.....heh heh heh.

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