Sunday, January 09, 2005

Home from work

Well I guess here is where my stuff gets boring. The only thing cool about work tonight happened when I was leaving. I met another Muslim woman tonight and she is so nice and cool. I don't meet that many Muslims around here, let alone ones that are Arabic. She does study groups and can help me to fine tune my Arabic, since I have like the most terrible English accent ever when I speak (what little I know) in Arabic. So, in case you weren't listening, FBI, I will be going to Islamic religious meetings with OTHER Muslim people, so if you don't have gps on my car, now is the time! Woo Hoo!
And from the "working mom" files my son was chasing me down on the way to the door tonight when I was trying to leave for work. He was crying when I left. HELLO, GUILT! However, I was informed by my DH that he stopped approximately 2 seconds after the door shut behind me when he discovered a stray cheerio on the floor. Thanks God.

I'm out!

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