Thursday, January 13, 2005


I started Curves this week finally. I like it. It is fast, gives me a decent workout and I only have to walk across the street to get there. I have decided to workout at 6am. This works for me because I am always awake then. If I am working, I get off at 530 am. If I am at home the baby wakes up around then with a tremendously pissy diaper and a need for a bottle. So, Curves it is. I have gone three days now. I am hoping to go tomorrow. This weekend I don't think I will make it, they open late for me on Saturday, and are closed on Sunday. Here is something that I would like to share. My second cousin, lost like 200 lbs going to curves and cutting fat from her diet. That is like 2 skinny people or 1.3 average ones! It is amazing. I think it has taken her about 18 months. It is great and Congrats to her for doing it. My mom has also started a regimen, she goes to the gym at her apartment after work. She is lucky because th complex is brand spankin new and the gym is really nice. Speaking of my mom, did I mention that she got a face lift during my extended absence? My son and I stayed with her for a week to take care of her. Since she said she didn't care I think I will post a before and after picture of her. My be before during and after. I have a feeling she is going to have a minor hissy, but hey, I got permission. YOU SAID YOU DIDN'T CARE REMEMBER? Okay, well, that is all for now I need to post some pictures.

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