Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Not to sick to Rant

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Okay, I had to jump on the band wagon really quick. I signed up for Blogclicker.com. It looks like there is another exchange site as well called Blogcrowd, so I think I will check that out before I bust this post so I can do a link. It is nice to see that some readers are slowly coming back after my long absence. I have missed everybody. It took me like two hours to go thru all the blogs on my blogroll to check on everyone and see how they have been doing.
I have to say something here, and if I get the hate mail comments, Oh well. I have been lightly following the story of a three year old boy that is being taken away from the only parents he has ever known, because the wack-job biological mother has changed her mind. From the best that I can gather this said wackjob contested the adoption because the birthfather decided to jump in the picture as well. I don't know all the details of this but I have to say what I do know really sucks, in my opinion. (that's right, folks, my blog, MY OPINION, that is what it is here for) I was watching the today show yesterday after I got off of work. They had video of the parents (the only ones he has ever really known, the adoptive ones) tell this poor boy that he has to go live with his adoptive mommy from now on. This poor little boy was crying, kicking and screaming, while his parents just tried to hold on to him for the last bit of time they had. And when the little boy noticed that his father was crying, he said "Don't cry Daddy"
Okay, I lost it right there.
This situation is f-ed up on so many different levels it is hard to even start to express my feelings except to lay in my bed and bawl for this family and little boy.
Then shortly after she had her biological son returned to her, said wackjob mother came out of her home to announce that her son was "so happy to be home"
Give. Me. A. Freaking. Break.
He did not look happy at all when the people were peeling him out of his mother and fathers arms to put him in a van with his "mother" ( wackjob). Where did the system fail these people? Is it exploitive that they taped their last bit of time with the boy? The adoptive parents said that they did it so that the boy would know later in life if he chose to learn that none of it was his fault and that his mom and dad loved him very much and didn't want it to happen at all.
Last, week leading up to the day that this boy had to be given back to wackjob, they had the parents of Baby Jessica on TV as well. They have some sort of advocacy program or something. These poor people were in the same exact situation. They have not seen or heard from the girl they raised for the first 3 years of her life for like, 11 years. What a heartbreak. It is disturbing.
Does anyone else have an opinion on this? Am I just being a cranky, hormonal bitch? It seems to me that it should stand for something that these people raised the boy in a loving family home since birth and are responsible for the happy little boy he was (before he got taken away from his mommy and daddy?)?
Again it goes to show that Florida HAS ISSUES.

Ok, thanks people for reading my bitchery.

On a lighter note, My cold never got as bad as I thought. I must have a great immune system (thanks god!) Now I just have a little teensy bit of congestion left with cough, but this too, will pass. Ilhamdulillah.
Thanks for reading, and remember: comments always appreciated.

I just want to know one thing really? How in the heck do you get to work a banner ad? I mean if you have one, and I think I have a generic one, how do you get it to work? upload it to my server? How do I do that? Who is that ? I am computer stupid, in fact I can't believe I figured out how to put things in the side bar of my blog on Blogger.

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