Friday, January 07, 2005

Here I Am!

I am back, people. Finally I sucked it up and got internet service back. It took me a while, but I did it. Here are some new things that happened since I had no internet: (wrongful termination of services, November 12th, 2003)

1. I turned 33 on November 15th. I got a sonicare toothbrush and a 3 month membership to curves. I got a cool hello Kitty watch too. (how old did I say I was?)

2. I started my job at a hospital here in Stockton on December 6th. I work the graveyard shift in the lab, they call me a vampire. Whatever, the pay is good.

3. My son turned one year old on December 9th. We had a birthday party for him on the 28th of November.

Ok, so that is about it for now. I have to get back into the swing of the blogging. I have been dying to check out some web sites and blogs that I haven't looked at in a while, not to mention surfin' blog explosion.

I'd like to hear from my peeps, what was the worst holiday present any of you got this year? The best? As for me, I cant say that there was a worst, because there wasn't one. I got too many things, that were great. I will mention that my mom got a Sony cybershot camera for xmas and now I realize just how much my slow assed-shutter-speed-Kodak sucks. I will have to get a new one with some of that sweet cash from my new job.

I guess I am not a SAHM anymore we can call me a SSAHM Somewhat Stay At Home Mom. Since my son doesn't even realize that I am gone I don't think I and damaging his little psyche (sp?).

Love to hear fro you all.


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