Friday, January 21, 2005

That's a great look for you.

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I guess I just need to make posts that can be read in the 20-30 seconds it takes to get a credit on BlogExplosion, Blogclicker and the less famous, (but generous, you get 250 credits for signing up right now)Blogcrowd. This is irritating. Of course, I haven't been surfing too much this week so that probably explains the low traffic.

People, come back to me, I miss you.

I went to this awesome "Oriental Buffet" Last night. They have a ton of sea food, a choose your own stirfry bar and fresh sushi bar.

I am having some serious trouble getting behind the sushi. I figure, if I am going to try sushi, it is when I have choices of other food just to be safe. So I went for it last night.
Right off the bat, I hate the seaweed. CACK! And why is it so fishy tasting? OK, I know it is FISH. But I had this one piece that had some pinkish mousse-y looking stuff in side it with a piece of green stuff in there. I had to spit this piece back in my napkin because I thought it would start swimming in my mouth. Then I tried this piece that looked like a little food present. It was a retangular piece of imitation crabmeat, sitting on a neat square of rice with a narrow band of seaweed holding it all together. Not so good. I think it has to do with the imitation crabmeat. And here is the big surprise of this sushi extravaganza: there was a piece with a huge pink piece of fish, sitting on a wad of rice. I bit into this huge piece of raw fish with my napkin at the ready, and it was tasty. With no ginger or wasabi. I was pleasantly surprised
I guess to sum up we can say it wasn't a terrible experience, but I went back to the teriyaki chicken skewers and sweet and sour chicken. All in all not a bad deal for 10 bucks a person, all you can eat.

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