Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I Love Laziness.

Well, I finally did it. I let go of some of that hard earned cash and spent it on a subscription to Entertainment Weekly and I am so excited. I also went out with my mom today and we looked at furniture. I am happy to announce that when we move from the ghetto, we will be doing it with new furniture. I found a very nice NEW couch, in a forgiving color, (Sagegreeny-brownish I think that I may order it in a hunter green though) It is very deep with big soft pillows in a nice floraly print. I am also getting a big chair and ottoman to go along with it, the same style. NEW FURNITURE, PEOPLE. I have never had new furniture. I decided with the new job I would furnish the new place to my hearts desire, and get digital cable and broadband for the computer. The dream ist starting to come to fruition. WOO HOO! Now hopefully they will have the duplex I want available for when we want to move. Now I need to find a dresser and twin bed for the baby's room, and a couple of armoires for televisions and a dining room set. Gee, looking at it seems like a lot. I guess it is. Did I mention that my mom is the best BARGAIN SHOPPER EVER? Dude, she cant get the stuff so cheap. I mean cheeeeeeeep.

So I got that goin' for me.

So, before I got sidetracked I was talking about, now I have to say that I hate blockbuster. But I hate not getting the best deal more. Netflix was a little too much and only lets you have 2 at a time for 12.97, so that is out. it is. I have like 3 on the way and 25 more in queue, woo hoo. I am going to be goggled out on the DVD's. Totally looking forward to it. I also got my EW subscription for the low low price of 38.95! Yes, I said 38.95! Which is really cool, because as you can probably see from the name of the magazine, it is a WEEKLY. I got 56 issues for that price, oh the joy of internet shopping. If you can't tell I have never done it before. BTW, the site I got that cherry price at was

Ok, and a blurb here on Florida. I have expressed my concerns before on the state of affairs of that state before. HELLO? The safe haven law allows you to drop off a baby at a police, fire station or hospital, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Why would you have to concoct a story about someone throwing the child out of a car window? Total wackjobs over there, I tell ya. Whatever folks I am out of here for now, Hope you all had a romantic valentines day, I know I will have a belated one with Naveen Andrews and Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love. when it gets here. Grrrrrwwwwlllllll Speaking of which Lost is on tonight, even more grrrrrroooowwwlllll.

P.S. If you are living in Florida, and not a wackjob, sorry. But, you have to admit some crazy crap goes on in your state.

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