Thursday, February 10, 2005

The REAL reason Brad and Jen Broke up....NOT.

 Posted by HelloOK, The young lady in the picture has asked that I not publish her name. I CAN tell you that I know her very well, She is happily married to a great guy and NOT dating Brad Pitt. I also have pictures of her with 60 % of Duran Duran and Julie Andrews. She made me wait to post this because she didn't want to end up in The Enquirer. So what does that mean to you Dear Family? (my real family who stops by here and knows the young lady, I mean.) Don't blow it and use her name in the comments, OK?

She has the coolest job. And Congrats to her and her hubby, She and her husband will be getting their daughter at the end of the month. I am so excited for them.

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