Monday, June 20, 2005

I suck at blogging.

I just haven't wanted to write anything lately. I think that it has to do with he fact that I started working. I know, I started working six months ago. You would think that I would be back in the swing of things by now. I am not. I guess I just don't have the energy.
My job. eeeeh. For the most part I love it. But you know there is always that one person that you have to work with that makes you dread going there. I will not name the person at my place of employment that makes me feel this way. Let's just say I am on my last nerve because of her. So, since this is my blog I will vent about it. Click away now if you don't want to hear my petty bitchery.
this young lady we will call sandy, makes me nutty. I think she may be on speed but I am not sure. That is a big accusation to make about someone. Her behavior is so erratic though. Her responses are not proportional. She calls in sick a lot. Case in point, last night. I work the NOC shift at a local hospital. We start at 9 pm. Last night at 9pm she was not there. There was no posting that she was sick. I called the switchboard operator, to see if this young lady called in sick and there was no sick call there either. Mind you if you are calling in sick you have to call the switchboard and let them know, they fill out a paper and it is recorded with Human resources. This was not done. We call her at home. She answers the phone. She tells us (my co worker and I ) that her daughter is VERY SICK. OK, this is a load of crap. She had tried to get someone to switch this day off with her, but no one would. She straight called in sick to go out to dinner. Now, this would not be so bad if we were fully staffed. We are not. So that left two people drawing blood for an entire hospital. We were busy. Sandy regularly calls in sick, or late with excuses like, " I can't find a parking space" WHAT? HELLO, everyone else finds one just great. And when her coworkers are to pissed off to talk to her she goes blabbing to everyone in the hospital how terrible we all are to her. People from other departments are asking me why we treat her so poorly. Nurses tell her they want to write us up, because of this treatment (as if). POOR sandy, what a martyr. GIVE ME A FREAKIN' BREAK. For a grown woman, with two children, she acts like she has no brains. I think she may not. And,to top it all off, she is bossy. But don't tell her that. She doesn't believe it. She can tell you to do something, which she has no authority to do, and you can point that fact out to her and she gets seriously defensive. "I am not bossing anyone around" well she sure fooled me.
Anyway. It is late, I am tired and I think I just wasted five minutes of my life and my blog on some dumb b$*@h I wouldn't throw water on if she was on fire. (Yes, I know what the real euphemism is, but I have to keep this somewhat nice, my family in Egypt reads this sometimes) So that is life. Or as my husband says, "there will always be a Sandy."

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