Tuesday, June 14, 2005

OK, I guess I have to do this too.

I know everyone is blogging about the Jackson Verdict today and yesterday. Now I suppose I will do the same.
The dude was not found innocent. He was found not guilty. BIG DIFFERENCE. I totally hope that his trial does ruin his career and make him totally broke. I hope he has to sell his Beatles catalog. He doesn't deserve to OWN it. I am still in shock about the verdicts. I shouldn't be. If you have the cash you get off. That is it. OJ Robert Blake, MJx2.
Hello? Can people really, possibly think that sleeping with children, who are not your own, for a year, is appropriate? Is his view on the world so skewed? You bet it is. No one reins this guy in. It is just yes, yes, yes in Michaels world. The guy is a joke.

A bulletproof JOKE, and not a funny one either.

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