Thursday, June 23, 2005

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

 Posted by HelloThis is what I come into every morning that I am caring for Ayman. I never actually see him do it, but I am pretty sure the circumstantial evidence is enough to get him convicted in baby court. He has started really exerting control over things, and I think I am in trouble. He is 18 months old. NOT TWO YET. So, I can only assume that things will be getting much, much, worse. So when it is time to get him out of his crib, I go into his room. This is what I find. His bzaza, pillows, blanket and Baby Tad on the floor. He thinks that if all of these things are on the floor he gets to get out of the crib. And why wouldn't he think that? I do take him out of there when I come in and find this, so I guess he is just doing what works. I think I will start picking up the toys and putting them away before I take him out of the crib from now on. Maybe tell him what I am doing so he knows
Yeah, right.
He would only be interested in what I had to say if I was purple, green yellow or red and had a television in my stomach. Teletubbies get his undivided attention. Thank goodness for them though. Gives me time to do things.
Tommorrow I go back to work. I get to work with that one chic that really chaps my hide. Lets see what kind of hijinx ensue shall we? I will keep you all posted.
Thats it, bathtime at Casa de Nasr (or Bait Nasr bil arabi) .
I'm out!

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