Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Kathy Griffin Is Hilarious.

Ok, I hope you guys watched this womans' show over the summer. It was awesome. She is so real and funny, and she works damn hard.
Well, my mom sent me a link to her website so I will toss it on in here too. Here it is: Kathy Enough of the gushing. But if you can catch the reruns of her show, please do so you will get a whole new look at Hollywood (or not, it is shallow people.) And, a hearty appreciation for how this woman earns her living. She is real.
OK, enough of that.
Yeah, I haven't blogged in a while. I admit it, I suck. Throw me a bone here, I am tired. All. The. Time. If i wasn't pregnant I would think I had Epstein-Barre. I am still planning on going to respiratory school with my friend Nelsy, but dude, that is so far away. I need to keep up the motivation. It is either that or stick a fork in my eye whenever I go to work. Hmm which one is better?
It'll be a close one.

"Sandy" the tweeker was supposed to come back to work on Monday, but since I don't work again until Friday, I am gonna say she didn't. Just a guess. We took a poll of my co-workers, It was not in her favor that she would be reporting back. But hey she could surprise us all. Yeah right.

Well that is enough poison for now. Peace out y'all.

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