Sunday, September 18, 2005

*WARNING* Totally Bitchy Work Rant.

I am so tired lately. I don't feel like doing anything. I think I have narcolepsy. My job totally sucks. That girl I blogged about some months ago, "Sandy" has been on a leave of absence, because the meth must have gotten to be too much for her....OK, I don't know for sure that she is on meth, but boy, she does exhibit all the signs of a tweeker. Anyhoo, they gave her a LOA. That put the NOC shift at my job short, but hey, management doesn't give a rats-ass about it. Suck it up bitches. Don't complain, be happy you have your job. Yeah right. The PM shift has one day where they will be short staffed and our joke of a manager posts it in the company email.."Please help the PM shift, they are going to be short" Did she do this for the NOC shift a month ago when the Tweek called in sick for 5 consecutive days, then got sent on LOA (oh, not because she wanted to mind you, but because she had to, she was given a referral to employee services as well, in other words, a social worker. I feel sorry for that guy.) Not only that but the leave keeps on getting extended. It just goes to show you that poor behavior, and a crappy work ethic will get you everything at my job. Sour grapes? You bet your ass.
As of now I am exploring my options. I think I am going to go back to school to become, *gasp* a respiratory therapist. The school costs a buttload, and I wouldn't start until next September, but they make a lot of cash. My Dad and Brother are RT's so I have been resisting it, but I can't any longer. Unless I want to continue to get butt-raped at my job, and let me assure you I do not, I have to do something. My poor mother.... in about three years she is going to have 3 RTs at the dinnertable on special occasions. Oh well what can you do?
Thanks all for listening to that hearty rant. I feel better now. I think I can sleep.

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