Friday, September 09, 2005

Today, You Are 21 Months Old.

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I am glad I started to do this. I know, it is a rip off on what Dooce is doing for her adorable girl, But she didn't corner the market on writing to her child. Much props to her though, and I know I am nowhere near as witty.

Moving on.

Like I said, you are 21 months old today. Yesterday, you, Gramma, and I went out to give some of your clothes, mommys', Grammas', Tavias' and Jasmines' to the people who came from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Mommy and Daddy don't have much money, but we all had stuff to give so we did. You were a very good boy, as always. After we made that stop we went out to lunch. Our favorite thing. You were very particular about where you wanted your Sprite placed on the table in relation to your french fries and hamburger. You were also very careful about the dipping of your fries in ketchup.
After you finished, before we could leave, you had a whole conversation in jibberish
with a cute little girl, about the finer points of that weird wire and bead toy. You didn't seem to wanna leave, but were on a schedule and had no time to dally, even for cute chicks.

Last night Shonda came over with Jordan and Tyler. Boy, did you love to watch them play. They had fun making you laugh too. They jumped up and down for you and you tried and tried to jump too. You haven't quite gotten it yet but you will. You were trying so hard. It was adorable.

Yesterday also brought a new sound: bree bree bre then a noise that sounds like you are imitating radio static. New and interesting, that is for sure.

The latest disturbing thing though is those night terrors you have been having.. About once a week since cousin Adam had his birthday last month, you have been waking up in the middle of the night hysterical and inconsolable. The only thing that remedies this situation is taking you to bed with Mommy and Daddy. One morning, a couple of weeks ago, I came home from work to find you sleeping in the bed with Daddy. It was very cute, but there was no room for Mommy. You woke up again the night before the last. We brought you in to our room with us at about 0130. Your love of flinging yourself on pillows outweighed your desire to sleep, so you kept us awake for an hour. Finally, Daddy got frustrated and went on the couch to sleep and I decided to put you back in your own bed. After much whining and kicking your mattress, you fell asleep about an hour later. Yay.

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Well, that is pretty much all the news that is fit to print this month, but I should mention that the gulf coast states had a horrible hurricane a couple of weeks ago, New Orleans is underwater, as well as Mississippi. It is terrible, and the governments response to all of it sucked, and now everyone is pointing fingers in all directions.

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And this is what you were doing one year ago today... Grampa took you for your very first professional haircut. You were a very good boy, you didn't cry or freak out. This was a first and last for both. Every subsequent haircut you have had has been a nightmare. You cling on to Mommy or Daddy like a baby monkey for the duration of the haircut now. Go figure.
That is all for now, keep on rockin' Baby Style. I love you,

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