Sunday, April 16, 2006

No, I Didn't Croak....

I am here and alive. Getting the hang of the two child thing. Jennah is a good baby, but then again she is still in that "larval" stage, where she is eating ,sleeping or pooping. I am not as sleep deprived as I thought I would be, but then again, I haven't gone back to work yet. That happens on the 29th of April. Crap. I am over the hump so to speak with the breastfeeding, and looking forward to the next growth spurt she will have (incidentally, that should be occurring right around the time I go back to work.)
The first week of April Ayman got Rotovirus, and spent a couple of days in the pediatric ward at the hospital I work at. It really sucked, folks. He started out spiking a temp, then the next night, it was vomiting and a fever, and in the day, he couldn't keep anything down, so off to the hospital he went. He was traumatized, but Amr was a helluva Dad, and stayed there with him the whole time. I couldn't be there and it totally upset me, but it was soooo contagious, and who wants a newborn with rotovirus? I am just irritated about it because I know that Ayman had to have gotten this from the Mall playground. 75% of his childhood illnesses to date have come from that petri dish. I am sure that the environmental services staff is super conscientious about cleaning the equipment. Needless to say we got past that. It sucked though. Ok, I thought I would have more time for this, but the princess beckons. I must do her bidding, now that the milk machine is revved up.

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