Thursday, April 20, 2006

Oh Good and Knowledgeable Readers....

Can anyone give me some tips on potty training the boy? I am gently attempting this right now. Here is some info, about my style.
We don't use a potty chair, but do use steps up to the toilet ( not for lack of trying, the potty chairs opening is too small, my son has a hubba hubba hiney, and i don't want him pissing all over the place, since that piece of crap deflector doesn't stay on the seat). So far when he poops in his pants, I take him in the bathroom and put poop in the toilet and have him flush it.
When I catch him going to his pooping place (behind an overstuffed chair. I always see him from his eyes up.) I ask, "Do you have poo poo?" and his response to this is always "Poo Poo?" Like he has no idea what i am talking about. Riiiight. Then, I take him to the bathroom and set him on the toilet and say over and over, "poo poo, go poo poo, here is where we poop" and that kind of stuff over and over. He thinks I am nuts, I'm sure. But that is it. Any kind of advice on this would totally be appreciated.
Cass out.
P.S. the only thing I got on spell check today was: poop poop poo poo hubba hubba and hiney. hahahahaha

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