Friday, September 29, 2006

Sign #234 that you are definitely, a Mommy.

Because, let's face it people,
unless you know who Diego is, you are not gonna get this post. I will
try to make it appeal to the masses though.

Last night Ayman, Jennah and I were on my bed and Ayman
was watching Go, Diego Go! He totally loves that show, and as a bonus, I don't find it riduculously annoying. Anyhoo , a few minutes before, I had let him wear my watch, a digital Timex
withindiglo. Well, I was talking to my mom, and sitting with the kids, and I realized Ayman was saying something. I know, it is not unusual for kids to say something. But for Ayman, it is. He is just in the last few weeks, really grasping the
fact that with words, you can ask for and comment on things, or maybe even say "hi" to your Gramma or Grampa. So he is sitting there playing with the wristwatch, and watching Diego, and he kept saying "eesha", and "eesheea".

Then I had a light bulb moment.

Diego talks to his sister via wristwatch video communicator thingie. Her name is Alicia. He was using the watch and trying to call Alicia.

My heart melted right then and there.
I love my boy.

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