Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tired and lazy makes for bad blogging.

I really haven't wanted to do blog lately. You can totally tell this by lack of posting. I have been doing a lot though. I got braces three weeks ago. And damn. They hurt. I have also been applying for respiratory school. The school is 19 months long. I had to go and look at the school first ( it is an hour away ) and then the next week my friend Nelsy and Sheryl and I went to do the placement testing for it. I did good on the tests so I can enroll in the program. Now I only have to put the rest of my packet together with my resume, and a handwritten essay, along with a letter of reference from a respiratory therapist (which dude, will be so hard. My dad and brothers are RTs and I work with a few of them in the hospital....) anyway. All this with work and two kids. Sometimes I don't really know what to do with myself. It starts at the end of November. It is going to be hard, but it will be worth it. The pay is so much better and I can totally do it. My job right now is going bye bye. The hospital decided to put the phlebotomists, under the supervision of the nursing department. They have to change our job description, and we have reapply for our jobs. I don't really want the new job though. It will be more work for a job that I didn't sign up for in the first place. I am going to see if I can collect unemployment if they eliminate my job and change it, why not? I bet I wouldn't be able to though. But if I could that would be a dream. And, ideal for a school schedule. Eh. Whatever. I am just tired. Friday night there was like 4 codes in the hospital, two of them in the er. The Dr working was a total tool and I was running my ass off all night. He almost intubated a 95 year old man with a DNR. The dude had some last wishes. He was lucky his daughter was there to make sure they were observed or that doc would have intubated him for sure. Jerk.
On a happier note, I got front row seats for Kathy Griffin. It is on November 29th.
I am going with my mom and sis in law. And you know what is cool? I saw her at that time last year too. Something to look forward too. Well I am gonna go now. I have heartburn and I am pooped out.

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