Saturday, September 11, 2010

An I Phone for my Dad? ummmm, riiiiiiiiiiight

So I am talking to my mom today, about how I am trying to save for an IPhone. She tells me that my dad really wants one.
Ok, my Dad has a retarded tiny little Sony Ericsson phone right now. He barely knows how to use it. He has had it for a year. Before that he had a Nokia flip phone. He had that flip phone for like, 5 years. Seriously. By the time he went to upgrade, he could only call the past with that thing, it was so old. Now he wants an IPhone? Jebus. I can only imagine how I would be spending the next 4 months of my life if he got one. "Cassie, how do you...." Dude, I don't have an IPhone. It is for that reason that I need to get one. Last week he called me to help him find a wireless network on the laptop. Even walking him through it he could not figure it out. *facepalm* Why would he want an IPhone though? I can only imagine so he can upload the IPod part with all of his Harry Potter books on CD. LOL. If they have a Harry Potter app, I bet he gets it. On second thought we should definitely get him the IPhone, then i will load it up with a bunch of Harry Potter nerd apps and Alex and I can mess with him. (like this or this ) Yeahhhh thats it. Excellent plan.
I love you Dad. LOL.

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