Monday, November 01, 2004

Babys' First Halloween activities.

Halloween was fun. Ayman started the evening at grammas house,(picture #1) where we got him dressed for the evening.(pic # 2) This was followed by a trip to Auntie Renee and Uncle Alexs' house.(pic #3) There, we had a dinner of Tasty Enchiladas ala Renee, and Ayman got to frolick With his dog uncle Petie and dog cousin Cosmo. After the fine dining, we went on up the road to the lovely town of Manteca. Ayman got to visit with his great grandparents, Donna and Art.(pic #4) Uncle petie waited out in the car. Ayman was entranced by the way his great grandparents coffee table top rotated and proceded to bump his head on it several times. After that visit, it was on to Uncle Jim and Aunt Cindys house (also in Manteca). There, Auntie Renee and I took the baby out to some of the houses that actually had porch lights on. For only a few houses, Ayman took in a pretty good haul. I have been partaking of it since we got home. When we got back over to Aunt Cindys house, her boys, Jacob and Adam were just getting home from Trick or Treating, so Ayman got to visit with them too.(pic #5) All in all, a fun night had by all. I made pizza, we snacked on candy and had a nice time. Aunt Cindy declined the picture though,(pic #6) Maybe next time. These are some pictures from Aymans first Halloween. Thanks everyone for sharing it with us.

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