Tuesday, November 23, 2004

SBC Yahoo Dial up sucks!

On Friday November 12th my internet service was suspended by SBC. They said we had not paid the bill. Total crock. My husband is an ACCOUNTANT. The bills get paid on time, if not early. So when I called I put this out to them. However there was nothing they could do because they were undergoing some "system enhancements" and nothing pertaining tot billing could be fixed, until the 16th of November. So I waited. And waited. Then I called. I was told that my account would be reestablished in 2 more hours. That was 7 days ago. I have called 4 times, my husband has called once. They don't care. And guess what a supervisor is always "in a meeting" how f-ing convenient. I am just a tad bit peeved as I am sure all of you can tell. So, as of now I am at my moms house which has comcast high-speed and I love it. But I cannot blog here forever! No internet sucks. They just cant seem to grasp the idea that I spend like 5-6 hours online a day. I cut in on my sleep to surf Blogexplosion. I can say that I am better rested than previously, but I would rather have my internet back. Screw it I am going to get net zero, until it is time to get comcast when we move in February. SBC! Pffft! Bastards!

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