Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Well I am here at my moms again, for a second. I come to pick up her thanksgiving crap, as a daughterly service. We are having Thanksgiving dinner at my brothers house. I love my sister in law she is the coolest, so I am verrrry lucky, (ilhamdulillah) so we party over there this Thanksgiving. My husband is bringing the baby later, so I can help her out and put together my dishes in peace with out a an ankle biter in the kitchen. My brother is bbq-ing the turkey this year, so we are totally un-responsible for that. YAY! Here is a handy link in case you think you have screwed youself on your turkey, they may be able to help. No need to thank me, it's all part of the service, people. Although, i don't think you would be sitting here reading my blog or surfing Blogexplosion if you think you screwed yourself on your turkey, now would you? Didn't think so. (wink wink) Well,. It is time for me to get going, On your mark, get set, set STUFFED!
Is there any cranberry sauce left?

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

SBC Yahoo Dial up sucks!

On Friday November 12th my internet service was suspended by SBC. They said we had not paid the bill. Total crock. My husband is an ACCOUNTANT. The bills get paid on time, if not early. So when I called I put this out to them. However there was nothing they could do because they were undergoing some "system enhancements" and nothing pertaining tot billing could be fixed, until the 16th of November. So I waited. And waited. Then I called. I was told that my account would be reestablished in 2 more hours. That was 7 days ago. I have called 4 times, my husband has called once. They don't care. And guess what a supervisor is always "in a meeting" how f-ing convenient. I am just a tad bit peeved as I am sure all of you can tell. So, as of now I am at my moms house which has comcast high-speed and I love it. But I cannot blog here forever! No internet sucks. They just cant seem to grasp the idea that I spend like 5-6 hours online a day. I cut in on my sleep to surf Blogexplosion. I can say that I am better rested than previously, but I would rather have my internet back. Screw it I am going to get net zero, until it is time to get comcast when we move in February. SBC! Pffft! Bastards!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Peterson frustration

one more juror gone
conducting her own research
scott peterson squirms

in honor of Kari anne at Haiku of the Day, My first ever haiku post (it may be my last.) I am trying to voice my frustrations for this case without making such a big deal. It happened so close to home, only about 40 miles away. i mean, this girl could have been a relative of mine (both portugese which isn't too uncommon in this area) I know we are innocent until proven guilty buthey, the most obvious explanation is usually the explanation, -or- if it walks like a duck....

please don't let them declare a mistrial.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Gramma has cooool things in her cupboards. Posted by Hello

Freestyle dinner at Grammas

Looking back, dont think the bib was necessary. Taken at grammas house, eating a nutritious dinner of Spaghetti-o's and peas. With grape juice. Posted by Hello


The following pictures are graphic.

Grumpy Eid Baby

what Ayman was doing Posted by HelloHubby and I took turns consoling "Inconsolable Ayman" he was in a bad mood the whole time we were in Egypt. This resolved about 4 days after we got back.

Division of the meat

separating the meat into 2 kilo bags. Posted by Hello In this case it is the cow, but they measure it out- 1/3 for family, 1/3 for friends, 1/3 for the poor. then they distribute it over the next few days, and did i mention there is a great big dinner as well?

Blood, gore, death, PARTAY!

My niece, Nada and nephew, Ahmed. Posted by HelloWhen they butcher the animals everyone comes to watch. Kids included. It is seriously like Xmas morning. Grown-ups are giving kids money, they are running all over the place, and watching the "Eid butcher show". Everyone was really sly about asking my husband if I was gonna watch that mornings events with out vomiting. I did.

Oh yeah, there was a cow.

Did i forget to mention? Posted by HelloMy husbands mother and aunts had a cow butchered. By the time we got there this is what we saw. When in Rome....or Egypt.

Two sheep Pt II

baaaah don't sic PeTA on me... Posted by Hello
Our friend the sheep. They tasted good. Sorry, Vegan people.

Monday, November 08, 2004

The mom in this story sucks.

This really irritates me. this past week there was a news story here in Northern California about a woman who had gone missing.. They had the story on the news broadcasts (for several days mind you ) with her worried children. The kids were saying how they had called, and called, and called their mom and only gotten voice mail. She was supposed to have gone to a leasing office for a new home and fill out paperwork--she missed the appointment. It was beginning to look like something bad had happened. There was all points bulletins, media coverage.
Last night, a few days after she had been missing, she turned up in Bakersfield. She only said that she was reunited with her family.
Ok, i am glad that he woman is ok, lets just get this out of the way right now. Where the hell was she? Did she not think that her kids would be worried sick? How irresponsible is that? Flaky, very very very flaky. I would be seriously perturbed if my mother did that. I mean, does this woman have a history of disappearing acts? The news story didn't mention that. He kids were just sick with worry because this was supposedly out of character for her.
Shoot, I don't know what my point is. I am just disgusted that a mom would put her family through such grief.
Bad mommy.

Saturday, November 06, 2004


Thats Mr. Scaredycat to you. Posted by Hello

Reason #422 for therapy

My dear son has turned into a scaredycat. I don't know exactly when it happened, but it is really cute. Someday it may not be, when he decides he is deathly afraid of Gramma or Grampa, but right now it is cute.
Example: Three weeks ago I discovered that when I get the vacuum out the baby will crawl up my husbands leg, screaming, shaking and crying to get away from it. Mind you, a few weeks before (the vacuum had been broken for a while folks,) he used to sit in his high chair and happily watch as I vacuumed back and forth. Sometimes he would even be on the floor getting in the way of the vacuum. Not anymore. I have never seen anything like it. The look of sheer terror on his face when he sees the thing is almost heartbreaking.
We keep the vacuum in the hall closet. In the same hallway, just opposite of this closet there is a nightlight plugged into the wall. That baby tries to pull it out of the wall whenever he gets a chance. Now, instead of just unplugging the nightlight (too easy) we tell him "no, don't touch that" and remove him from the vicinity. That usually gets tiring. I came up with a new method of nightlight protection. I like to call it "vacuum cleaner guardian". The last time he tried to pull the light, I opened the closet, and showed him the vacuum. He high tailed it out of there, and quick. So now all I have to do is open the closet door when he is in that hallway. I guess that this sounds really cold blooded. Or maybe it seems like psychological torture. I am not beating him with it, I don't make him cry, and it works. He is not afraid of the hallway itself, because if he was, he wouldn't feel the need to go in there to open and bang shut the towel closet.
Moving on.
Last Monday I was at my sister in laws house kind of late, so I decided to give the baby a bath over there. When I put him in her bathtub, he freaaaked out. Totally. He would not sit down. I had to bathe him standing up, holding on to my neck, chattering like a monkey. (the baby was chattering, not me) This was so strange. Just a couple weeks ago he was actually frolicking in my mothers bathtub, but not now. At home, he takes a bath in our kitchen sink, easier on my back, and arms. (We live in an old-ass condo and the showerdoors are those kind on a track with glass that has never seen Lime Away, ever. I guess I could clean them, but we are getting out of here shortly so why bother.) In the sink the baby only has room to splash. I guess he feels more secure in the sink. I thought it was because my SIL tub is huge, but he did basically the same thing at my moms the next night. Go figure.

This parenting thing is really neat. It seems like every couple of weeks some new and improved quirk, or personality trait pops up. I love it. It is fun being a mom. When I am not complaining about it, that is. Even then I am loving it.

I love you baby, someday you can read this and see what a freak yor Mommy is, and why you have to go to therapy.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Totally Drained

Sorry i haven't posted my egypt pics until now, i was engrossed in the travesty that is American Politics. Now i am suffering from a depression due to it. I will expand on my pics from Egypt later. Hope everyone got out there to vote....

two very cute sheep purchased for the Eid Sacrifice. Posted by Hello

The enormous ship they found buried next to the Pyramids. reallly old. Posted by Hello

Random picture of Ayman, 6 weeks old. Posted by Hello

At the base of Kufu looking up. Posted by Hello

Me in front the Pyramids on a stinky camel Posted by Hello

Monday, November 01, 2004

Something to Ponder

Is there a certain age when Tater Tots are no longer age appropriate to eat? I hope not, I love them.

Babys' First Halloween activities.

Halloween was fun. Ayman started the evening at grammas house,(picture #1) where we got him dressed for the evening.(pic # 2) This was followed by a trip to Auntie Renee and Uncle Alexs' house.(pic #3) There, we had a dinner of Tasty Enchiladas ala Renee, and Ayman got to frolick With his dog uncle Petie and dog cousin Cosmo. After the fine dining, we went on up the road to the lovely town of Manteca. Ayman got to visit with his great grandparents, Donna and Art.(pic #4) Uncle petie waited out in the car. Ayman was entranced by the way his great grandparents coffee table top rotated and proceded to bump his head on it several times. After that visit, it was on to Uncle Jim and Aunt Cindys house (also in Manteca). There, Auntie Renee and I took the baby out to some of the houses that actually had porch lights on. For only a few houses, Ayman took in a pretty good haul. I have been partaking of it since we got home. When we got back over to Aunt Cindys house, her boys, Jacob and Adam were just getting home from Trick or Treating, so Ayman got to visit with them too.(pic #5) All in all, a fun night had by all. I made pizza, we snacked on candy and had a nice time. Aunt Cindy declined the picture though,(pic #6) Maybe next time. These are some pictures from Aymans first Halloween. Thanks everyone for sharing it with us.

Time to Get Dressed! (1)

Ayman and Grandma before comencing Halloween activities. Posted by Hello

Grrrrr Trick or Treat! (2)

Ayman at Grandmas on Halloween. Posted by Hello
All dressed up for an adorable action shot. He was such a good boy all night, even if he was cranky when he got home, and didn't want to sleep. Happy 1st Halloween Baby Ayman!

Auntie Renee and Uncle Alex (3)

Aymans first Trick or Treat Stop. Posted by Hello

Great Gramma and Grampa (4)

They're Grrreat! Posted by Hello

Very Scary Cousins (5)

(l-r)Adam, Ayman, and Jacob Posted by Hello

We'll get Aunt Cindy next time. (6)

Ayman and Great Uncle James.  Posted by Hello