Friday, March 03, 2006

The news is in....

We had the ultra sound this morning. The baby weighs between 7lbs 12 oz-14oz. Goodness, that is nearly eight pounds. How do I do this? We got to see her face really well, and as soon as my darling brother scans the pictures and sends them to me, I will share with you all out there too. And finally, last but not least, we found out FOR Sure, 100% NO Doubt that it is a little girl. I trust my ob's PA, and all, but her ultrasound machine is like, 100 years old. Today, I saw little girl parts. TOTALLY. Whew. I would have had a lot of returning to do.
So now I just finish nesting. The cosleeper is on the way, the baby closet is organized. Now for the stroller/car seat (or travel system, if you will) I also need to pack for the hospital, but I think I will leave that undone. Or not, I don't know, my brain is mush at this point. Ok signing off for now, I have a munchkin in the tub that needs a toothbrushing.

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