Friday, March 10, 2006


Today has really sucked over here on the pregnancy front. My back, is KILLING me. I have been uncomfortable all day. The baby is trying to kick her way out of me, Alien style. I was pretty concerned earlier this evening, so I had my girlfriend check with L and D at our hospital. They told me to, and I am serious here, take two Tylenol and call them later. They also wanted me to drink 32 oz of water, just in case what I am experiencing is dehydration. So I did this. The nurse also told me that if the contractions come 3-4 minutes apart for one hour to come on in. This whole pregnancy is very different than with Ayman. I don't know what to make of it. Oh well, I will do as I am told, and see what happens. I will keep every one posted to be sure.

Also today, at Amrs job they gave him a surprise baby shower. They all chipped in and gave him a 200 dollar gift card and a cake. I thought that was soooo nice. He said that his boss told him that she needed to speak to him in the conference room when he came back from his afternoon break. Everyone was in there with the cake and they all said "Surprise!" Amr still didn't get that it was a surprise for him, they had to tell him, "No, Amr, it is for you, the surprise is for you." So he really was surprised. Cool.

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