Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cass and Jenn

Posted by PicasaOkay, I know this is sickeningly sweet, but I had too. She is wearing the second dress that was made for her by Gramma and I. Very precious.
I want to take this time to say that we all had a very nice time at Jacobs party. My Aunt Cindy always does such an awesome job on that stuff. Everything so well thought out. She had all kinds of great stuff to eat, and an adorable cake with pictures of my cousin from when he was little on it. What a good mommy. I can't believe he is old enough to go to high school already. It seems like not that long ago that I was babysitting him and his brother so their mommy and daddy could go have a romantic weekend, six weeks or so after his younger brother was born. That was a rough babysitting gig. It made me appreciate family planning in a way I never had before. As in, I planned on having my family in the far away future, and only when there would be a husband involved. 12 years later, here we are. I sit at my computer keyboard blogging away while my son hunches over, quietly behind me trying strain out a poop, without me noticing. (we put him on the toilet by the way, but I think he sees that as somewhere to pass the time before he poops in the clean diaper we put on him when we give up.) Where does the time go?

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