Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A couple of Ayman shots for you, equal time and all.

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This picture was taken a couple of months ago out at my grandpas house. His next door neighbor has a pen with goats in it. Ayman got to feed the goats some green grass. He thought it was fun. On fathers day, all of Aymans older cousins sat out there watching those goats. I asked my cousin Jacob what they were doing and he told me: "We are waiting for them to fart or hump." Sweet.

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Here is one of Aymans new things. He will pretend he is a baby. He will swipe Jennahs pacifier from her, get his blanket, and lay on the floor. Then he proceeds to make noises like a baby, and waves his arms and legs around in the air. Sometimes he wants you to hold him like a baby too. This time, my mom was over and he was really laying the baby act on, so we put one of Jennahs bows in his hair too. We can file this one under "pictures my mom will show my girlfriends when I grow up"
Heh heh heh, can't wait.

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