Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sweet Pea

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This is a happy baby. I hope she stays this way forever. (happy I mean) She rolls over now, and is starting to try to laugh at me. She will sleep all night long when I am at work, but not when I am home. She gave us quite a surprise last week when ( I cant believe I am going to write this, but it is my blog and she will read it one day) she fell off the couch. Yes, I left my 3.75 month old infant unsupervised on the couch. With a huge ottoman in front of her. She was sleeping with her back facing out kind of angled down ward. anyhoo, long story short, I came back in from potting a mini rose bush, and Amr was holding her. I asked him if she was crying and he said "she fell off the couch." I was stunned, to say the least, because to get off the couch she had to do a 180 and then a couple of complete rolls from there, but I guess she did. I asked Amr if she was face down or up on the floor, and his answer was, "I have no idea, I heard crying, I came in, I didn't see her, I picked her up. It happened very fast" Oh well. I busted out my little wedgie things for her to lay between now that she is mobile. Ayman didn't roll over until after he was crawling so Jennah is charting new territory with us. Her brains seemed unscrambled and she was able to focus, so we declared her good to go. She also fell on to a soft surface (softer than a hardwood floor that is to say) Long story short, I feel like Brittany Spears. Just not pregnant, rich, and white trash. Lets see what else can my little pixie do these days beside explode her diapers off of her body? She is holding her head up great, and trying to lift her upper body up when I cradle her. She only wants the boob, and is giving Amr a hard time when he feeds her on the weekend, but I am working on remedying that situation. Now we are trying to give her a set bedtime, and get used to being laid down for the night. It is going good so far, and I will keep my fingers crossed. In Ayman news, he got a Hep A vaccination (I think it was hep a.) He didn't even really notice the girl gave him a shot, which was way cool. Today I had him sit on the toilet for about twenty minutes after I found him grunting away by the computer, but that didn't pan out. I guess we will have to just keep on keepin' on with that one. That is it though. Oh and if anyone wants a myspace friend as boring as me, you can find me under cassnasr.

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