Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I think you are a little too big for that.

Still my son wants to pretend to be a baby. Here he is in the bouncer Jennah is using, that used to be his. She has her own but it is at grammas house; i think it is time to bring it back home.

I am pretty excited over here. I got those stupid pop ups to stop on the new 'puter, plus i have loaded the programs on to it that i use. Now i have to figure out what else i need. Tonight my mom is going to come over and Amr and i are going to go shopping sans children . That is so exciting. We haven't had a chance to do that in a long time. The other night we went to that hellhole we call a Wal-mart. We had both kids with us, and we were shopping for the nieces and nephew. That sucked with a capital SUCK. We need to get the shopping done, and quite frankly, i like making outfits for the kids. We got my niece a super sweet purse to match the clothes. I am so excited that i get to be there when they get the stuff this time. (Since i have this awesome machine i will be able to show you guys what we got them) but shopping with Ayman and Jennah is nerve fraying at best. We only have a couple of more things to get for the kids, and i still need to shop for my sister in law, Nancy. But, due to the fact that she reads this sometimes, i won't be mentioning what i get her.

shhhhh! What is that sound? NOTHING. Jennah is sleeping in her crib for like, the fourth time in her life. First she cried for about 10 minutes. now she is quiet. I finally had to admit to myself that her taking naps in my arms 3 times a day was unacceptable. I mean hey, she is 10 months old! I am a way slow learner.

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