Thursday, January 18, 2007

Late Holiday Pics

Sorry! I am having trouble with the font sizes on this post. I think I confused Blogger.

Here is my sweetie Jennah with her pretty Grandma Cindy. This was taken at my Aunt Cindy and Uncle James house, where we had Xmas celebrations on the 17th. A great time was had by all. The food was good, We had a talent show that was just awesome, (in fact i think i will post some pics of that too...) and Santa came to visit. ( as witnessed below by the picture of my horrified son.) Jennah was sleeping during the present opening, so she didn't get to cry at Santa like her brother did.


As demonstrated by my dear boy. I hope he gets over this next Xmas. Probably though, what will happen, is by the time he stops being scared he won't believe in Santa anymore. I guess we can say that my holidays were awesome. I look forward to all of it again next year, and hope it doesn't take that long to get every one together again.

And, since I am me, and this is my blog, and I can write whatever I want, here is my catty comment on Xmas.

*********Holiday Gripe***********

My cousin stopped coming to family things. I am sure because of the falling out that we had. If you don't know what I am talking about, you can read all about it here (and the rebuttal here, to be fair). Anyhoo, she had told some of our family that her daughter would go to family things, which I think is nice because, how petty do you have to be to get your child involved in a grown up issue? Well, a couple of weeks before Xmas (after I had purchased presents for the children, mind you) we were all made aware, that not only would my cousin not be attending, (no surprise there) but neither would her daughter. The reason for this is unknown to me, but maybe if I am lucky she will let me in on that one in the form of a post to this humble outlet of my joys and frustrations. I have kept her Xmas present at my house, and if Kayla would ever like to have it, I would love to have her come over and get it. Several of my relatives including myself did not bring her a present. (I did buy one, had I known she wouldn't be there, I would not have bothered) Others had a present and left it at my aunts house because they didn't know what to do with it. Still others re gifted the child's present. I myself will hold on to it until I go shopping for stuff for Egypt then I will spend it (a gift card to a boutique) on myself. I think it is a damn shame that you can't put aside your bullshit for one day, and just go and be with your family. I am sure there are excuses for everything. I mean that is why they have that saying. You know, the one that likens them to assholes. I will keep my opinions of her alleged disability to myself, since I will just be accused of being insensitive.
There you have it, my holiday gripe.

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