Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A couple of firsts.....

Jennah is feeding herself theses days. this is her first time in the high chair. It is a crappy high chair, it is one of those prtable ones, so I bought a new one today that is real. It is pretty nice. Best of all it doesn't make me as nervous as the one that is pictured did.
Here is Ayman, his first time riding the bus home from preschool. When I went out to meet him and he saw me, his bottom lip started quivering, like he was going to cry. He didn't though, and tomorrow, he will ride the bus home from school again. I know it has been a long time since I blogged so I cant really remember if I mentioned that Ayman is going to school, but he does, two days a week on Thursday and Friday. I was taking him and dropping him off. However, with Jennah, it is kind of hard, and they offer door to door service over here. Right now we are in the process of getting him used to the bus, so he only rides it home. Next Thursday, he will going on the bus round trip. Woo Hoo!
So, as I mentioned before, we are going to go to Egypt next month. We got the leave approved, we bought the airline tickets, (holy crap! all told, it cost 3600!) I bought a refurbished laptop to keep in touch with everyone, and we are almost ready to go. The next steps are all really prep and purchasing. We buy the nieces ans nephews clothes, and of course, I wash the gray out of my hair and put some caramel in it. Then, there is packing and all that crap. I am too excited. Hopefully, while I am there I will be able to post on the blog if the connection to the internet doesn't make me completely lose my patience. The new computer has a DVD so I can bring some Diego, and Blues Clues to keep the kiddies happy. Good deal.
Well, I will keep everyone up to date....Sorry it took me so long to get back up and running.

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